Release your MVP early! Think out of the box

As you might know, I love being in tech startup game. When you are at the early stage, product development and right strategy is important. Without it you may end up spending several months, thousands of dollars on your MVP (minimum viable product) and in the end of the day, you might realise that’s not what people want.

Why to release early

  • You will get closed to your PMF (product market fit);
  • You will burn less money which will let you to test more, validate more and get more clearer way towards building product for your crowd. Remember — build something people want. *wink*

Example of how can you reduce time to release

The other day I was talking with very cool people who had some very interesting idea. We talked about their startup and it felt like any typical startup what I described above — spent thousands of dollars, drafted tens and tens of features, no prioritisation of these. All what’s known is end deadline.

  1. User transfers money to other person;
  2. They receive a message that money will be transferred to others account within x days;
  3. Company manually transfers money to the person.

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